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Country: Egypt
Size: 2 679 km²
Country: Cyprus
Size: 9 251 km²
Eastern Nile Basin
Country: Ethiopia
Size: ca. 358 000 km²
Jordan Basin
Country: Jordan
Size: 18 300 km²
Lower Ebro basin
Country: Spain
Size: 330 km²
Morocco-Andalusia Biosphere
Country: Spain
Size: ca. 530 000 km²
Country: Niger
Size: ca. 1.3 Mio km²
Sarno Basin
Country: Italy
Size: 500 km²
Seyhan river basin
Country: Turkey
Size: 20 100 km²
Country: Sudan
Size: ca. 2.5 Mio km²
The Sinai desert
Country: Egypt
Size: 60 000 km²


Chiba Watershed in Cap-Bon
Country: Tunisia
Size: 286 km²
Gaza Strip
Country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Size: 365 km²
Kocaeli Province
Country: Turkey
Size: 3 424 km²
Noce, Trentino
Country: Italy
Size: 1 367 km²
Rio Mannu di San Sperate, Sardegna
Country: Italy
Size: 472.5 km²
Thau, Languedoc-Roussillon
Country: France
Size: 280 km²


Jordan River Basin (Jordan)
Country: Jordan
Size: 7 627 km²
Merguellil catchment, Kairouan
Country: Tunisia
Size: ca. 4 200 km²
Sardinian region
Country: Italy
Size: ca. 24 000 km²
Syrus Island, Cycladic Islands
Country: Greece
Size: 84 km²
The Rosetta area, Nile Delta
Country: Egypt
Size: 12 000 km²

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